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About Mini Splits

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Traditional heating and air conditioning systems use one unit controlled by one thermostat to supply your air conditioning needs to several rooms in your home. Unfortunately, this may not be the most efficient way to heat or cool your home.Why cool or heat rooms you don’t use? Why sweat or shiver in those you do? Zone control allows you to optimize the temperature of any space with an indoor unit to save energy and reduce costs. Create your own perfect comfort zones!

Mitsubishi’s advanced ductless climate control systems empower homeowners to create their own personalized room-by-room comfort – without compromise. Mini-splits systems are tailored to provide heating and air conditioning needs to an individual room or space. They can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, recessed in the ceiling of your home, or horizontally ducted. They are controlled by individual, wireless controls, allowing owners to indidivualize their comfort needs.

And Mitsubishi Ductless systems have been shown to almost 40% in energy savings over traditional systems. So if you have a room addition, loft, or garage. Contact Terrace Heating and Air for a free analysis and quote for a Mitsubishi Ductless System to meet your needs.