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Wall Mount Deluxe Unit

This design type is best used for:

  • High efficiency cooling and heating.
  • Advanced triple-action air filtration.
  • High performance Hyper-Heating down to -13° F outdoor ambient.

Wall Mounted Unit

This design type is best used for:

  • Hot or cold rooms.
  • Additions/Renovations.
  • Enclosed patios.
  • Homes without space for duct work.
  • Larger, multi-room living spaces.

Horizontal Ducted Unit

Discreet and efficient, the horizontal ducted system provides comfort and efficiency while staying hidden in your floor or ceiling. This design type is best used for:

  • Master bedrooms.
  • Rooms with soffit or crawl space available.

Ceiling-Recessed Units

Effective and discreet, ceiling recessed units provide a wider airflow pattern for better air distribution in a less obtrusive style. This type of system is designed for:

  • Bedrooms.
  • Offices.
  • Basements.
  • Sunrooms.
  • New additions.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor units come in four different sizes depending on your heating and cooling needs. These units are best used in these situations:

  • Connecting up to eight indoor units to one outdoor unit.
  • Multiple zones or entire home.
  • New homes or renovations.
  • Different indoor unit designs for different room types.

Contact Terrace Heating and Air and schedule an appointment to have them help determine the correct unit for your needs.