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Maintenance Agreement

Maintaining your HVAC system is critical to maintaining comfortable air quality in your home. Terrace Heating and Air can provide our customers with a routine Maintenance Agreement on your HVAC system. Regular check-ups help to prevent costly repairs or even replacement of a system.

Here is what is included in a Residential Maintenance Agreement…

Spring Check-up – Air Conditioning


  • Check for proper refrigerator pressure
  • Check all electrical connections and components in the condensing system
  • Clean the condenser coil and remove debris as necessary
  • Clean and treat drain lines for proper drainage
  • Check secondary pan for rust and possible leaks and float safety switches for proper operation (splits only)


Fall Check-up – Natural Gas Heating


  • Check draft motor and flue vent for proper air flow
  • Inspect the ignition controls and clean as needed
  • Test all safeties, sensors, and switches
  • Inspect heat exchanger for potential leaks
  • Check all electrical connections and components in the furnace and blower section


Fall Clean-up – Heat Pumps


  • Check defrost circuit for proper operation
  • Check emergency heat for proper operation
  • Verify refrigerant charge
  • Check all electrical connections and components on the Air Handler


Terrace Heating and Air now offers two options for a maintenance agreement:

Option 1 – Our most popular agreement, our Annual Maintenance Contract includes two cleanings per year, repair parts discounts of 10%, and priority service.

Option 2 – One time clean & service. Under this option, we perform a one-time cleaning and equipment service of your HVAC equipment. You will forfeit the parts discount in the event of an equipment failure and you do not receive the priority service.

Maintaining your system ensure that your HVAC system will run efficiently and will prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger, more expensive problem. Let Terrace Heating and Air service your HVAC system. Contact us to schedule an appointment of receive a quote on our Maintenance Agreements